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Test the address verification capabilities and additional features of Informatica AddressDoctor Cloud using our interactive Online Demo.

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Online Demo

  • improved address validation
  • additional options
  • evaluation of deliverability
  • 25 free tryouts

Validate international addresses from 240+ countries and territories with the Informatica AddressDoctor Online Demo. It verifies and corrects international addresses and adds missing address elements such as postal / zip-codes or city names. Functionalities of the previous Postal Code Lookup were of course integrated in the online demo.

In addition, the online demo provides new features including certified address validation, the enrichment of your address with additional information such as geo-coordinates (latitude and longitude information) and customer-specific characteristics (consumer segmentation).

Address validation takes place in real-time during the entry process. The output address is formatted according to the correspondent country specifications and the demo provides you with a quality and deliverability evaluation for the output address.

Please contact the Informatica AddressDoctor Sales Team to assist you with any questions you may have.

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